About Me


I am currently a PhD student at Northwestern University studying computer systems. More specifically I am focusing on the interactions and optimizations made available by interweaving the computing stack. An example of this work can be seen in my project CARAT in which I use the compiler, runtime, and operating system to make a case for removing hardware for memory management.

My current work expands upon CARAT and begins to investigate new opportunities enabled by having a pure software memory management system that understands the binaries memory state.

More information of my professional work can be found on my CV Page



I have been involved in theater for 15+ years. I love to be involved in performances in whatever way I can at the time and enjoy going to see productions near me as well.

At Rose-Hulman (my undergraduate institution), I had the privilege to serve as the Treasurer for the Drama Club and the Vice-President of the Choir. I also got to star in the productions Anything Goes, West Side Story, Les Miserables, Little Shop of Horrors, and Cinderella as well as act in the plays A Servant of Two Masters and Much Ado About Nothing.

I also got to be involved in many theater productions at Lake Zurich High School and Lake Zurich Middle School as an actor. I also served as a crew member for various productions which taught me many things about woodworking and set design.

Photos down below.

Fantasy Football

I am an avid fan of football (Go Pack Go!) as well as fantasy football. I play in a mix of dynasty leagues (long term year to year ownership) as well as redraft (what people typically think of as fantasy football). I constantly am keeping up to date on players and league news and am always happy to talk about football with whomever.

I also have tried (unsuccessfully) to utilize my computer science background to obtain an edge over others in fantasy football. In the past, I built (simple) machine learning models that trained on a combination of player statistics, opponent's defensive statistics, Vegas odds, and other potentially important fantasy related data to attempt to predict future player performance, but unfortunately it did not do a great job; however, it did confirm that football is the sport that is a beautiful combination of skill and chance.

If you are interested in fantasy football, I would highly recommend the following sources and communities to help get you started:

  • reddit.com/r/FantasyFootball
    • This community runs red-hot during the football season (Early August - February) and is a hub for many players who like fantasy football.
  • reddit.com/r/DynastyFF
    • This community focuses on a specific form of fantasy football in which you keep your players year to year. This community is not as large as /r/FantasyFootball, but does run year-round and has high engagement
  • reddit.com/r/findaleague
    • This community serves to connect people who are interested in forming/joining a fantasy league.
  • FantasyPros.com
    • This website serves up original fantasy content for all sports as well as serving as an aggregation website for ranking players for fantasy.
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